Friday, 2 September 2011

Ways To Recover Gmail Account

Ways to recover Gmail account :
  • Resetting Gmail Account Password.
  • Contacting Google Support Team.
1. Resetting Gmail Account Password 

If you have forgotten your password, then Visit: 
  • Enter You email address, click Submit & then fill the Captcha.
  • If you had verified your account with a mobile phone number, a recovery code will be sent to your mobile number and you can reset your password using the recovery code number.
  • If you use Gmail, a password reset email will be sent to your secondary email address, from where you can change the password.
  • If You have provided your security question and have not access your account from last 5 days, then answers your security question.
    Note: Your security question can only be answered if you haven't signed in for 5 days.
2. Contacting Google Support Team 

  • Follow the appropriate steps for filling the form. Provide accurate information as much as you can.

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